Our Pledge

GNN: For Truth
Honesty is at the heart of a responsible society. While the villains of this world obfuscate and evade, we will champion transparency in all things. They may have money and they may have weapons. We have the truth. With it, we will expose lies, reveal hypocrisy, and hold the powerful to account.

GNN: For the Planet
Our audience is Planet Earth, and every citizen within it. We owe allegiance to no single nation and abide by no political dogma. We consider every reader to be equally deserving of space on this planet.

GNN: For A Better World
We reject the fallacy of balance and the spectre of objectivity. Our reporting will present the facts, while our editorial columns will use those facts to advocate the policies that will build a better world. Our editors will never be anonymous: their bylines are a planted flag, a declaration that we stand and fall by our beliefs.

GNN: The Shield and the Lantern
We will tell you things you don’t want to hear. We will stare into danger without flinching. We do this not to alarm, but to arm you with the greatest weapon: knowledge.
Humanity faces a dark and hostile universe, but it will not take us unawares. A GNN newspaper is a shield and a lantern: protecting you from ignorance, and illuminating the path that will bring the greatest balm to your kin, your community and your world.

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