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Tom Dicker: Americas Editor (War Correspondent)

Tom Dicker began work for GNN as a freelance photographer and graphic designer, responsible for both the “new chrome” design of the early 2010s and the now famous “Global G” logo in use today. He joined the team permanently in 2017 as picture editor of GNN America, which led the network in design quality until Tom was given global control of visual design in late 2019. While growing the company’s visual brand, he engaged with the local culture and people of the Americas, authoring hundreds of articles that brought global attention to local issues. His talent at magnifying the seemingly small and distant earned him the position of Americas Editor in the new triumvirate, responsible for two continents and a global brand.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2020, Tom was appointed War Correspondent and coordinated the GNN investigative reporters in the field. While keeping the central news room informed on conflicts in Ukraine, Brasil, Alaska and Japan he also ensured GNN had up to the second information on Other flying saucer sightings worldwide. In 2020, Tom mistook Chinese, Indian and French investigative agents in Kazakhstan for troops. Although he quickly retracted the statement it was a mistake which would eventually cost GNN it’s Editor in Chief. Tom was also chief cameraman at all GNN news conferences, capturing several pivotal stories including the Russian proclamation of Extra Terrestrials. A reporter to the end, Tom only dropped his camera when the missiles fell to earth.

Chloe Paul: Asia Editor (Political Correspondent)

Chloe joined the GNN team in 2016 after leaking government plans to privatise education. Beginning in the local Australian bureau, she made the leap to the Asia editorial staff as Science Editor in 2018. In this role she reported extensively on space exploration, including the emerging space station technology of India and China. She caught the attention of Marina Eindottir in 2019, when she lead a worldwide revamp of GNN’s social network system, and was appointed as one of the new triumvirate of editors in 2020. She is currently responsible for coordinating all Asian and Pacific news, with a particular interest in science and education content.

Briefly taking up the role of Editor in Chief, Chloe soon settled into the role of Political Correspondent, covering the United Nations and interviewing world leaders. Working closely with EiC Pierce Wilcox, she obtained quotes and comments from Scientists, Generals, Presidents and Prime Ministers. From 2020-2022 she reported on several key stories: the invasion of Ukraine, advances in Alien Technology, The Roswell Ten, the Alien “sheeple virus” lab in Japan and the Roswell Missile Crisis. These efforts won her the 2020 Calving Prize for initiative. When the bombs of the Final Missile Crisis fell, she wrote her final headline “WORLD CHAOS: GLOBE AGAIN ON NUCLEAR BRINK” before joining her fellow editors on deck to watch the mushroom clouds soar.

Pierce Wilcox: Europe Editor (Editor in Chief)

After a successful internship with GNN’s London office, Pierce was hired as an arts and cultural reporter. Pierce spent most of the early 2010s clocking up Atlantic air miles between London’s West End and Broadway. After a chance encounter in the bathroom of the Cambridge Theatre he wrote a series of exposés on corruption in the European Union. After a year of corruption focused reporting he was promoted to Assistant Editor of the revived X-Division in 2017, becoming Chief Editor in 2019. As part of the new editorial triumvirate he is responsible for African and European content, and coordinates training for all new investigative reporters.

During 2020 Pierce was assigned the role of Editor in Chief among the triumvirate of editors, with brief stints as both Political Correspondent and War Correspondent. He played a central role in shaping GNN’s editorial view, publishing damming condemnations of Russia during their 2020 invasion of Ukraine and questioning the motives of The Others in 2021. He was also the only member of the GNN team to meet an Other, taking a shuttle to their moon base for an exclusive interview. When GNN was denounced by the Chinese Minister for Truth in mid 2022, Pierce accepted ultimate responsibility as Editor in Chief, resigning from GNN to preserve its good name. He remained on  his only home, the Intrepid II. During the last months of the Final Missile Crisis he was often seen wandering the deck, eating mandarines, drinking whiskey, and writing letters to the editor, all hand delivered.

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